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EMS Body Sculpting

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Do you hit the gym often but still struggle to get a six-pack? When it comes to effective body contouring, there are only a few treatments that do not require invasive surgery. Now Skin Studio88 offers a nonsurgical way to take your body shape to the next level. Ems can build strength and muscle tone in multiple areas while eliminating unwanted fat.

Build muscle and burn fat at the same time

Some body contouring methods address only one problem at a time. For example, liposuction can treat pockets of fat but does nothing for your muscles. EMS is a one-of-a-kind procedure that safely manages both muscle and fat. Patients do not have to sign up for multiple types of treatments.

EMS does not involve surgery

One of the key advantages of nonsurgical body contouring is that invasive incisions and general anaesthesia are not involved. Instead, EMS uses advanced high intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to promote muscle contractions and eliminate fat cells.

EMS is fast and efficient

Most EMS sessions are only 30 minutes long. Your timeline may change depending on the size and number of the treatment areas. This means patients can schedule their sessions during their lunch break or whenever they find it convenient. Keep in mind that we advise patients to get 4 – 5 sessions 2 – 3 days apart.

Little to no downtime

You may resume daily activities as normal after your muscle toning session. Some minor side effects such as discomfort may occur over the following 3 – 4 days, however. This is due to the intense muscle contractions caused by the technology. Mainly you will feel as if you have just completed a workout at the gym.

Long-lasting results

Candidates for EMS are within 15 – 20 pounds of their goal weight. This is because nonsurgical body contouring treatments are not designed for extensive weight loss. As long as you stick with a consistent diet and exercise plan after treatment, you can expect your EMS results to last for years.

Muscle toning made easy

Well-toned muscles are not impossible to achieve. If you have been researching nonsurgical body contouring treatments, look no further than EMS.

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